ICNN Charter

By Emma Meese | 18th Jul 2017

ICNN Mission Statement

“Our mission is to promote quality journalism, help address the democratic deficit in news poor communities and help create more jobs in journalism at the local and hyperlocal level.”

Who we are

ICNN is the UK representative body for the independent community and hyperlocal news sector. We are committed to supporting and championing new sustainable forms of local digital and print journalism. Our focus is at the local and hyperlocal level; the place where journalism is most valued, but also most at risk.

What we do

There are currently over 400 independent community publications, across the UK, holding decision makers and public services to account; they are now a mainstay of the modern media ecology.

But they still face numerous challenges. Chief among these is economic – how to make community publications sustainable or even profitable.

To this end, our objectives are to increase recognition of community publishers, make representations on their / your behalf to policy makers, regulatory bodies, third sector funders, businesses and other organisations, and fight for opportunities and fair treatment.

In addition to lobbying and advocacy work, the network will draw upon C4CJ’s ongoing research in order to inform high-quality journalism and sustainability in the local and community news sector.

We broker collaborations with industry partners to contribute to sustainable and innovative development within the sector.

We offer free consultancy services to start-ups and established publications alike on issues concerning media law guidance, funding, and new media.

The Community Journalism Charter

ICNN will promote and protect the shared interests of the community news sector in the UK by:

  • acting on behalf of community and hyperlocal news publications (as defined in the article: ‘What do we mean when we talk about hyperlocal’), from start-ups to established businesses; for profits and nonprofits; committed volunteers to entrepreneurs;
  • to attain recognition and accreditation for the valuable contribution they provide to their respective communities and to the democratic process, and to advance the case for strong community journalism;
  • by seeking to enhance and foster a dynamic and sustainable community and hyperlocal news sector through lobbying, advocacy, training, networking, research and monitoring;
  • to ensure the success of our members’ organisations through leveraging economic opportunities;
  • to lead innovation and collaboration that serves and protects the aims and ambitions of the sector;
  • to promote and help maintain the highest possible standards of journalism;
  • to seize opportunities to strengthen job growth in the sector by researching and investing in models of good and effective practice and in technology-based solutions.

Members of ICNN submit to the following:

  • Member publications are independent of political, commercial, and religious interests;
  • Are community-focussed and work to represent the views of their community;
  • Are producing contemporaneous news or news-related content (that includes, but is not limited to breaking news, arts & culture, sports, news features, cultural and community entertainment events, campaigns, weather, transport, crime, local history and local business, and schools).
  • Uphold high professional standards including accuracy, transparency, integrity, accountability and fairness.

Without exception, all members of ICNN are committed to working within and adhering strictly to the guidelines of the Editors’ Code of Practice and/or the Impress Standards Code

ICNN is run by members, for members, and is free at the point of entry.

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