Tip: Try Edit Flow for team collaboration in WordPress

By Hannah Scarbrough | 16th Jan 2014

The team at C4CJ have been introduced to Edit Flow, an open source tool for collaborating with your editorial team within WordPress. This workflow tool is really useful if you work on a hyperlocal which has a team of several writers, editors and contributors (many working in different locations), and you need to keep on top of what stories are coming up and also for collaborating on stories.

Edit flow med

The Edit Flow plugin can be installed to a WordPress website, absolutely free of charge. Edit Flow allows you to:

  • View upcoming stories in week-by-week or month-by-month calendar format.
  • Cutomise your statuses – instead of just ‘Draft’, ‘Pending Review’ or ‘Published’, you could have ‘Editorial approval needed’, ‘Working on’ or ‘Pitch’.
  • Editorial comments – if you would like someone else to look over your piece, or you have some suggestions for an article, these can be made in a comment thread at the end of the post.
  • Add editorial instructions to assignments using ‘editorial metadata’.
  • Print out a copy of your ‘story budget’ for planning meetings and filing.

Let us know if you decide to give Edit Flow a go or if you use an alternative work flow tool, by tweeting us @C4CJ.

Image accompanying this article is copyright Colby Cosh.

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