The latest developments in media law

By Matt Abbott | 24th Oct 2016

On Thursday 18th October, media law trainer and consultant David Banks delivered a free media law update for bloggers, web publishers and community news services.

The half-day workshop, organized by NUJTrainingWales in partnership with the Centre for Community Journalism, was held at Cardiff Central Campus.

The course looked at the latest developments in the law and how they apply to new media, particularly recent cases involving blogs and social media, advice on regulation, and the potential impact Brexit plays on legal protections for publishers of hyperlocals.

The session looked at libel, how the Defamation Act 2013 can be a serious financial test for companies big and especially small; what exactly is defamatory, and more importantly, how do you define defamation in light of social media? Do you have the right to say what you want on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat? Or are the ramifications the same and judged equally?

David also covered contempt of court, sexual offences, anonymity, and the recent developments in the Ched Evans retrial after the complainant was named on social media.

The rising costs of privacy cases, the catastrophic damage a simple tweet can cause and how the Internet is a treasure trove of copyright suits were also discussed.

The event provided a valuable introduction for some, and a well-needed refresher for others, into media law and its latest developments.

The workshop can be accessed in more detail on the NUJTrainingWales website, under the resources tab where there are also sections on new media and communications. Or simply follow this link.

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