Hyperlocal advertising platform relaunches

By Emma Meese | 4th Sep 2013

Addiply is a simple, self-serve advertising platform that is free for publishers to install. It offers publishers a 90% revenue return, whilst enabling advertisers, re-sellers and advertising agencies the opportunity to place their message directly in front of their desired local audience, using geo-location, be they on the web or on their mobile device.

Rick Waghorn, CEO of Addiply, shares his thoughts on how the newly relaunched platform can be of use to the Hyperlocal sector:

“It is one of those quotes that you long cling to – Clay Shirky’s thoughts on media. That, right now, ‘…nothing works, but everything might.’

In that spirit, this summer we have relaunched Addiply in any ever-more user friendly guise.

What’s different? AddiplyInside460x230

Well, in the learning curve that has been the last six years in this UK hyperlocal space, one thing has become ever more obvious.

For community publishers to ever reach a position of ‘not-for-loss’, we have to enable national and regional brand to find those local spaces in a simple, transparent and ubiquitous manner.

We have to open up the opportunity for Co-Op (Port Talbot) to place an ad on the MagNet; for Land Rover (Welshpool) to find MyWelshpool – and in the meeting of such ‘top down’ ad dollars with the ‘bottom up’ local advertising spend of your butcher, baker and candle-stick maker hope that we can find something nearer to a sustainable commercial model.

Hence the new emphasis of agencies and re-sellers entering this market-place; and with an uncapped earning potential to boot. Now an agency can sell a publisher’s ad space for what they know its worth as opposed to what a hyperlocal publisher hopes it might be worth.

Let a local publisher set a minimum price for that ad spot, but let people who know how to sell, sell. For a price that they know the market will bear.

The other people for whom such ubiquity and transparency are wholly key are local, regional and central government agencies – what little is actually left of the COI ad spend has to be spent ‘Germanically’, in the words of the head of HM Government’s marketing, Alex Aiken.

AddiplyHome460x279Why can’t the Welsh Blood Service ‘advertise’ where their blood bank is going to be every week by following its route from one hyper-local publisher to the next? A campaign simply and transparently managed from one advertising account?

The other key point to note about the new Addiply platform – with its traditional commitment to a 90% revenue return to the publisher and full geo-location for both publisher and advertiser alike – sits down at the foot of the home page. ‘Coming soon…’

That’s where our Public API will be found; the ability for everyone to go and build their own, more bespoke solutions off our existing back end.

This might not work for you, to revisit Mr Shirky. ‘But this might…’

So go build it.

We will also be launching SDK for Android and iOS to enable mobile app developers to start to tap into the $15.2bn market-place that BIA-Kelsey forsee in this whole, mobile-local ad market-place come 2017.

We have all to follow Eric Schmidt’s advice here; that the future winning platforms will be ‘social, local and mobile…’

So let’s start to enable to app developers to better monetise their wares with local advertising – be it in the form of messages, coupons or offers. Drill them down into where people are actually living their lives – on their mobile.

As yet, we haven’t had the opportunity to localise the new Addiply platform by language – in this case Welsh.

Courtesy of a Japanese funding round and a formal invite to Ad:Tech (Tokyo) later this month, we may yet have to deliver a Japanese version first.

But the tools are there to go build; to help yourself to your very own private ad exchange that is now being made public…”

Rick Waghorn, CEO Addiply


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