HU12 Online and the Hedon Blog to close in the New Year

By Matt Abbott | 21st Dec 2016

Veteran hyperlocal publisher Ray Dufill has announced he is to close HU12 Online after eight years at the helm following general ‘wear and tear’ on his health.

HU12 Online, which incorporates the Hedon Blog was set up in 2009 and received just 200 visitors in its first month. That contrasts to today when Ray can expect upwards of 23,000 a month

But sadly for residents of Holderness, Hull, the site will cease operating in March 2017.


Ray says: ‘Ever since February 2009 when I set up Hedon Blog, it has been a project fuelled by fresh air and passion.

‘This ‘fuel’ has sustained the project up until now but has never been, and can never be something that can sustain things long-term.

‘Things are not as fresh anymore and the passion has waned. Also, general ‘wear-and-tear’ on my health has affected my ability and capacity to carry on.

‘In 2009 I set off on a journey to discover what was happening in my local communities. The thriving and vibrant communities I have discovered since that time, all driven by lovely, wonderful people, are now a constant source of inspiration. I’ve made friends that will last a lifetime.

‘HU12 Online, and Hedon Blog before it, have built up an audience for local news and provided a unique kind of service in delivering it.

‘In the New Year, I will draw upon the ‘lessons’ I’ve learned during my experience which hopefully will help advise others who might want to do similar projects in this area or elsewhere.”


Ray Duffill is a former community development manager but now describes himself as a beat-blogger or citizen-journalist.

Ray lives in Hedon and founded the Hedon Blog and is the Hedon correspondent for the Holderness Gazette.

The Hedon blog started life as Our Hedon Adventure and Ray admits there were some rather embarrassing first posts.

HU12 Online started life in October 2011 but previously went under the name of HU12.Net and publisher on Blogger.

Since February 2009 Hedon Blog and HU12 Online between them

  • Have published 7,206 posts (3,874 on Hedon Blog and 3,332 on HU12 Online);
  • Have recorded over 2 million page views (1,375,242 on Hedon Blog and 659,557 on HU12 Online);
  • Over 970,000 individual visits (312,929 and 270,349);
  • Over 6,000 comments from readers (4,086 and 1,934).
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