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Grants and other funding opportunities

Quote from philipjohn on 1st June 2020, 7:22 pm

Is anyone applying for the PINF fund? We are really disappointed that the eligibility requires us to demonstrate financial loss. Our loss isn't financial, it's that we - an effectively two-person volunteer operation - are now the only news publisher for over 100,000 people because our local paper ceased publishing. Without help, our community won't have any news.

We're applying anyway and we're going to be honest - we haven't lost any money, but our community will lose out if we aren't able to sustain and build up our operation.

It was curious that none of the funds - particularly the PINF one - had any mention of areas of market failure; perhaps most of the UK is an area of market failure now. 

But I couldn't help raise an eyebrow that one of the trad publishers in SE London (if you count starting in the 1980s as traditional) - Southwark News - got Google money; it's also getting the NMA "All in" ads. Best of both worlds...

Facebook/EJC fund announcement:

Delighted that we're included. Pleased to see Viewdigital, West Leeds Dispatch, Manchester Meteor and Star & Crescent included too.

Fantastic news for you Darryl and congratulations to the other ICNN members.

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Darryl Chamberlain

We were also unsuccessful for the European Journalism fund.

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