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Grants and other funding opportunities

What have you applied for?

We've applied for the Google emergency fund that Emma sent the details around.

Will look at the European Journalism fund over the weekend.


We have applied for both Google's emergency fund and Facebook's European fund. 

I found the application process very different between Google and Facebook, with the later wanting a lot more detail and specific detail at that.

It will be interesting to see which/if any hyperlocals get the funding and how much that will be, as Google have not disclosed the exact funding structure. 

Hi I just started the EJC/Facebook application. I’ve gone for the first level as the next one seemed to be more for the big boys. It seems straightforward enough, though it does require evidence of codes of practice, diversity procedures and accounts. Which I would imagine a lot of hyperlocals just wouldn’t have. Will let you know how I get on...


I've applied for the Google fund but having the same problems with the EJC as Anna - we just don't have anything in writing resembling an editorial policy/code of conduct.

Am going to try and start working on code of conduct (most likely) but have no idea what should be included or how it should look. Am going to see if I can find any examples online that I can use to guide me.

Of course, if anyone already has such a thing and wouldn't mind sharing with me that would be much appreciated (if you don't ask...).

I am going for Track 2 of EJC as that describes perfectly what the grant would be used for by us:

"These grants may be used, for example, to replace lost sales revenue including from printed and digital products/ services, to fund alternative print distribution methods, to cover key organisational costs, to hire freelancers to replace staff during illness, to maintain essential coverage and services unrelated to COVID-19 and to fund IT, software services and infrastructure support."

Good luck to everyone and stay safe,


I just received notice of an update to the FAQ which now includes the following addition:

Most or all news organisations have listed on their websites a privacy policy (for example about GDPR, handling user data, or editorial policy) so these can be attached to your application as links or documents.
Your organisation most likely has one or more of these documents already. It is fine if you only have some of the documents listed.
You should NOT create any new documents specifically for this Fund.

When we joined ICNN we agreed to abide by the Editors Code of Conduct and have a complaints procedure. We put this up on our website if anyone wants to see (you’ll need to scroll down)

I just submitted my application for the EJC and initially had a problem submitting the finished thing. But it seems to be fixed now.

This is our code of conduct - based on our Impress registration:

This is our privacy/GDPR stuff:

Happy to share other policies if useful. 


Has anyone heard back from either fund yet?

No, not yet. 

Google said it would be a rolling process, which suggested that responses would be given fairly quickly and as soon as possible.

The Facebook grant changed the dates a fair bit so can't actually remember when people will be notified.

It will certainly be interesting to see who does and doesn't get funding, and how much.

I think European Journalism Centre/Facebook are making (some) decisions by Monday 11th. 

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