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Virgin Galactic astronaut inspires pupils at Clevedon School

Virgin Galactic astronaut inspires pupils at Clevedon School



An astronaut who was one of slot xo only six people on Sir Richard Branson's trip to space has said he hoped to inspire future generations of pupils.

Colin Bennett, an ex-pupil at Clevedon School in Somerset was part of the 1.5-hour mission on the billionaire's Virgin Galactic rocket plane.

Andy Davis taught Mr Bennett 20 years ago and said it was "amazing" to see his former pupil reach space.

The school has also named a new science block after Mr Bennett.

Virgin Galactic's lead engineer made history when he successfully reached the edge of space.

The plane flew high above New Mexico in the US on Sunday, returning to Earth safely an hour after take-off.

Back at Clevedon School, physics lessons dedicated to Mr Bennett this week were led by Andy Davis.

He said: "It's amazing. It's great to see an ex-student achieve something so monumental.

"Lots of students say they want to be astronauts when they are very young, and people might laugh at them, but we've got a student who's actually become one, so that's really inspiring."

After touching down, Mr Bennett revealed he had taken a Clevedon School flag into space sent to him by headteacher Jim Smith.

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