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How to create an interactive social media application without programmers and designers

Now there are more and more ambitious startups designed to solve all the problems of humanity. A new social network, a sophisticated mobile application ... However, 99% of them, after a bright start, fade into oblivion.
I recently found and tested a really useful, applied service for marketers, SMM specialists and brand managers, which will help solve one important problem of modern SMM - conducting an honest, interesting and useful for the brand social media contest.

Openboom is a social media app builder. With this platform, you can create your own interactive application, such as a photo contest, a prize draw or a discount coupon, in 20 minutes.

Do you want to know how to make a social media site? Like any site, it requires the right software, thoughtful planning and implementation. Today I'm going to help you and explain how to create a social network. If someone is interested, I can advise you on a good company for this.

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