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China expands nuclear capabilities


US scientists say China is expanding its capacity to store and launch nuclear missiles.เกมสล็อต

Satellite image from western Xinjiang province. indicates that a nuclear missile silo field is being built. According to a report from the Federation of American Scientists (FAS),

US defense officials have voiced concerns about China's nuclear construction.

It is the second new silo field reported to be under construction in western China in the past two months.

The site can accommodate approximately 110 silos, an underground facility used for the storage and launch of missiles.

last month The Washington Post reported that 120 silos were found in the Yumen desert area. in Gansu Province

The FAS said in a report on Monday that the new site at Hami, about 380 km (240 miles) northwest of Yumen, is in a much faster development stage.

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