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Canada election: What you need to know about the campaign

Canada election: What you need to know about the campaign



Canadians are going to the polls on Monday to vote in an early general election. Can Prime Minister Justin Trudeau manage to win his sought-after majority?

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For the second time in two years, Canadians are voting in a federal election.

Mr Trudeau launched the campaign mid-August, two years ahead of schedule as he seeks a third term in office.

The campaign was a five-week sprint as all the party leaders made their pitches to voters, whose turn it is now to cast their ballots.

Here is what you need to know about the campaign.

It's a tight race between two frontrunners
Mr Trudeau said the election was necessary because it was a "pivotal moment" for the country to choose the next steps in the pandemic recovery.

Over the summer, opinion polls also indicated his Liberals were in a good position to win a majority of seats in the House of Commons.

The last time Canadians voted federally, in October 2019, the Liberals only had a narrow election win.

Mr Trudeau, the 49-year-old leader of the centre-left party, formed government with a minority, meaning he had to rely on opposition parties to help him pass his legislative agenda.

Soon after Mr Trudeau's August election call, support for the Liberals began to fall even as the fortunes of the Conservatives, the main opposition party, rose.

It's 2019 all over again
Polling suggests that Canada's main federal parties are ending this short campaign in roughly the same place they did two years ago.

In that election, Mr Trudeau's Liberals won the most seats despite losing the popular vote to the Conservatives.

The Liberals currently have the lead in vote-rich regions like the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, giving the party a potential advantage, pollsters say. The Conservatives have the upper hand in traditional strongholds like Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The left-wing New Democratic Party (NDP), led by Jagmeet Singh, is polling slightly higher then in 2019, making the party a potential kingmaker in the next parliament.

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