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Book recommendations

I've found a bunch of books really helpful/encouraging/interesting over the years.    These are my top five (descending order, roughly).   Any others people would recommend?

The Universal Journalist, by David Randall - Inspiring and instructional in equal measure. 

Writing for News Media, by Ian Pickering - subtitled "The storyteller's craft":  a clear and readable exposition of just that.  Lots of examples.

McNae's Essential Law for Journalists - does what the title says.  I've found it particularly useful on copyright exemptions and rights to public information.

The Great Reporters, by David Randall - fascinating, couldn't put it down and still pick it up.  Some of the featured 'greats' were even local reporters when they were doing their best stuff (though with a big patch, like 'New York').

Breaking News -The Remaking of Journalism and Why It Matters Now,  by Alan Rusbridger - demonstrates how even the mighty Guardian wrestled with business models when the Internet arrived.  Explores what journalism is for.

Other recommendations?



Stick It Up Your Punter!, Chris Horrie and Peter Chippindale's book on the Sun first came out 30-odd years ago (when the Sun was just 20-odd years old) but remains a corking read.

Mail Men by Adrian Addison is a fascinating history of the Mail.

The Rusbridger book is great. Bought a new MacNae's last year and had forgotten how ancient my old copy was - the new one's been a lifesaver.

And the sub/geek in me loves a good style guide (and Keith Waterhouse's On Newspaper Style) - Times, Guardian, Economist and Telegraph guides all have something to offer. Even got an AP Stylebook kicking around somewhere.



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